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Running ADS in Docker container?

Question asked by viking on Feb 6, 2020

Hi, has anyone attempted to run ADS in a Docker container? I have ADS2017 ver 1.1 and was trying to run it on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 64bit using Gnome 3 desktop. It does run but is buggy and often freezes on long momentum electromagnetic simulation runs.

Attempts to run ADS2017 on CentOS 7 virtual machine (Virtualbox) is even worse with frequent freezes in Momentum.

I attempted to run ADS2017 in a Docker container with CentOS 7 but the license server crashes here.

The obvious solution would be to go out and spend $8K to buy a machine dedicated multicore high-performance machine and run Redhat but we just don't have the budget for that.

Any ideas welcome and thanks,