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BenchVue Software: "Connection to instrument lost."

Question asked by WallyGator53 on Feb 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by WallyGator53

Infiniium DSOS104A and BenchVue software issue. We have an intermittent issue when connecting BenchVue to our MSOS104A oscilloscope in that it gives an error indicating  "Connection to instrument lost." I have been using the scope and software for the past week with no issue. This morning I'm getting the error. I tried a second computer and it is the same. I've power cycled the scope numerous times and the computer once. I came across this issue a few months ago and never stumbled onto a solution. Since then I have been able to use our other scope, InviniiVision DSOX4104A, and have never had an issue. It would seem that the scope is the problem Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.