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Vee 7.5 running internal on N5230A

Question asked by DavidC on Jan 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by DavidC
Question already know the answer to but try anyways

Simple question
Is there a way of running Vee 7.5 or greater internally on a N5230A that doesn't have the IO libraries 14 /15 , vee 7.5 run time pre-installed?

reason for question/complications
I am developing a VEE program  like it to be in 7.5 or greater (But have 6.0 and 7.5 )  for potentially several different generations of  N5230A , which would be desirable for it to run internally,  some N5230s with the 7.5 run time installed some with out. I Know that VEE 7.5 requires IO libraries 14/15 for installation and updating PNA IO libraries a big NO NO. Is there anything I can do to make  7.5  work?.

Or is pretty much Internal VEE on PNA limited to 6.0 with out the run time and 7.5  with it?

My reason for 7.5 or greater  is looking for the .net compatibility specifically, for system file information on the pna. Yea I know can do the example of using a runtime command of dir to make a file then read the file, or if particularly adventures use active x to run .wshell.
Connecting by Lan from external pc/network is not a option (SECURITY), GPIB is but run afoul of not being able to see the pna file directory information and if was able the S word would swirl around.