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Coding for RLC meter E4980A

Question asked by tejas on Dec 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by odanzy
Dim meter4263B As IFormattedIO488

        ButtonTestResult.BackColor = Color.Yellow
        ButtonTestResult.Text = "Testing..."

            Dim mgr As Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager
            Dim ioAddress As String = "GPIB0::17::INSTR"
Sorry for interrupting into this message.  I can't seem to get into any other forums.  My colleague has written
pre-existing code to control the E4263B via the GPIB/USB adapter.  Below is the code to control the instrument.
The code is using a VisaComLib from National Instruments.  As I am new with Visual Basic. Net programming, I am
trying to determine the fastest way to convert this code to E4980A, which is controlled via USB.  I have a couple of questions :

1.  Is VisaComLib instance listed below referring to USB/GPIB or GPIB only?

2.  Can the National Instruments Visa Com Lib be replaced with Agilent Visa Com Lib?

            mgr = New Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager
            meter4263B = New Ivi.Visa.Interop.FormattedIO488
            meter4263B.IO() = mgr.Open(ioAddress)
            meter4263B.IO.Timeout = 7000

            ' EXAMPLE for using the CONFigure command
            meter4263B.WriteString("*RST")                      ' Reset the 4263B
            meter4263B.WriteString(":INIT:CONT ON")               ' INITIATING TRIGGER SYSTEM
            meter4263B.WriteString(":SYST:LFR 60")              ' Set Power Line Requency to 60 Hz
            meter4263B.WriteString(":CAL:CABL 1")               ' set the cable length to 1M

            'meter4263B.WriteString(":SENSe:AVERage:COUNt 50")   ' set averageing rate to 50"

Please help.