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Keysight IO Libraries 2018 Suite cause hanging on Windows 10?

Question asked by jben on Jan 8, 2020

We have 3 machines at our site exhibiting a similar symptom.

We had 2 Waters HPLC systems, Windows 10 32-bit and a GPIB PCI card installed, along with Keysight IO Libraries 2018 to support the GPIB interface and drivers. Both of these systems have repeatedly become unresponsive with thrashing harddrive light. The systems are not unique in being 32-bit Windows 10 systems, on Lenovo M93p hardware, the software installed on them. The only unique features which come to mind are 1) Keysight IO Library and 2) Keysight/Agilent GPIB PCI card. The frequency between lock-ups was at first roughly every week on both systems - at most 2 weeks, but recently one of them has been locking up every day or two. The lock-ups are quite obvious as the systems cease reporting to the backup management software console.


However, in the last 2 months another NEW Agilent HPLC was installed with a USB GPIB interface. The other day this system stopped reporting to the backup server. The lock-screen in Windows 10 was frozen and unresponsive, remote connections were refused - exactly as per the other 2 systems. I have now discovered that it has exactly the same version of KeySight IO Libraries 2018 as the 2 older systems. Because the newer system is 64-bit Windows 10, not 32-bit and it is a USB interface, not a PCI card - the IO Libraries Suite is now the only feature unique to all 3.


There is nothing in the Windows Event logs that indicates the start of the problem, services and processes just begin timing out in a cascading fashion until Windows becomes inaccessible. We have many many systems here - it cannot be a coincidence that just these 3 Agilent systems are collapsing, but I cannot find any reports of this or information on the site.


Multiplying threads, or memory leak? Has anyone come across this issue? Thanks.