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HP 8560E how to remove option 103

Question asked by analogRF on Jan 6, 2020

I have had a 8560E that came with option 103 (OCXO replaced by a pcb soldered TCXO - no 1Hz,3Hz RBW)
I finally got my hands on the original OCXO and desoldered the option 103 components from the A15 and soldered the 
required components to enable the OCXO and put in the OCXO. I know the instrument is now running on the OCXO 
but it still thinks that it has option 103 and does not let me to set RBW to 1Hz or 3Hz


can somebody help me to remove this from the EEPROM?
I know how to use the Agilent software and GPIB to "add" options to the analyzer (I actually added option 007 too)
but I dont know how to remove an option.


I dumped the EEPROM with my programmer and looked at the HEX file, I can see my S/N and option numbers but how can I safely remove them?


my serial number starts with 3804A