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Query the THTRU method for guided cal using SCPI

Question asked by andyTPE on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2010 by andyTPE
Hello Forum,

I am trying to query the THRU method used in a guided calibration via SCPI.  According to the help file:
SENSe<ch>:CORRection:COLLect:GUIDed:PATH:TMEThod <port1>,<port2>?
should work. 
However if I send:
"sens3:corr:coll:guid:path:tmethod 1,2?"
I get a syntax error warning and no return...  If I send:
"sens3:corr:coll:guid:path:tmethod? 1,2
then the PNA-X is happy with my syntax, but returns an empty string.  Firmware is A09.22.02.

Please can someone confirm whether the query syntax listed in the help is in error and explain why I get an empty string return when I use the second query.

Many thanks