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pxi & python/pyvisa

Question asked by myonezaki on Dec 14, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by myonezaki

hello - trying to connect to a M9037/M9804 via and external computer with python. the external computer is a MAC


are there examples showing how to setup the resource (ie. open_resource('pxi0::21-0.0::instr'))?

and to obtain a response to *idn? 


are there any files that need to be loaded to the M9037?


have used pyvisa/osx to communicate with other PNA (non pxi units).

manuals have mentioned using hislip but pyvisa (1.8) does not support this method.

currently only a single slot is occupied with a PNA, we will be increasing the number of VNAs in the future.

will be using with another NI chassis with python installed and would like to use the NI's embedded controller to communicate with the pxi pna.

running soft panel and obtained pxi address.

able to see backplane, chassis and occupied slot with keysight connection expert.


python error response:

VisaIOError: VI_ERROR_RSRC_NFOUND (-1073807343): Insufficient location information or the requested device or resource is not present in the system.

many thanks