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Can't upgrade N9010A from 23.13 to 25.05

Question asked by swperk on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by noiseguy

I have an N9010A running Windows 7 and XSA software version 23.13. When I try to upgrade the software to the current version (25.05) the instrument reads the installer software from the USB stick, but eventually hangs at the window that pops up to show progress. The usual progress bars are not even there. It just says "Uninstall XSA Version A.23.13, and then on the next line, "Install XSA Version A.25.05." No matter how long I wait the progress bars never appear, and all I can do is shut down the N9010A. Am I stuck with version 23.13?


Thanks in advance for any and all help and suggestions!