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Installing free DVM option on 1000X scope

Question asked by PhilB61 on Dec 21, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by PhilB61

Has anyone had any issues installing the free DVM license with a 1000X series oscilloscope?


I have a new DSOX104G.  Selecting the DVM option prompts you to go to 


Going there lets you download a file, which is basically plain text/XML.  


I copied that to a flash drive, and tried to load it to the oscilloscope.  That results in the error message "Do not know how to load the selected file".  


I tried:  Renaming it to DSOX1000.xml.  No go.  Changing the model and serial number in the license file to DSOX1204G and my actual serial number.  No go.  


Am I missing an obvious step to install this?