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Synchronizing two UXG N5193A

Question asked by gongdori on Dec 11, 2019



I am trying to synchronize two UXG N5193A to generate phase aligned LFM pulses and having an issue. I connected 6GHz reference, trigger signals and RF sync as shown in "Multi-Box Synchronization Application Note" and went through the synchronization process, it was done without any error. 

On the pulse setting of the primary box, I set the type to be "triggered" and in the trigger setup, timer trigger was selected for pulse trigger. 

On the pulse setting of the secondary box, I set the type to be "triggered" and in the trigger setup, Ext Trigger 1 was selected for pulse trigger (it does not seem I have a choice over this).

When I connected the output of the boxes to Oscope, a periodic pulse was shown out of the primary box as expected, but the secondary box did not output anything. I am guessing the problem is somewhere in the pulse and trigger setting, but I couldn't find any relevant documentation. Can anyone point me to the right direction please?