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RF MMIC : BGA6130 PA S parameter simulation in ADS

Question asked by Sagarmistry059 on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by bafisher

Dear Sir,


I am Sagar Mistry from System Level Solution PVT Ltd(India).


I required technical support and guidance regarding the simulation of two-port S- Parameter of NXP BGA6130 PA in Keysight ADS software.


I need to evaluate the Gain response of the BGA6130 PA over the frequency response by changing the value of the matching network.


I have used the BGA6130 Power amplifier in my following application and schematic file for your easy reference.





Please find the attached datasheet of BGA6130 PA for your reference.


Please find the following image regarding the more information of the simulation model of  BGA6130 PA.

Also, find the attached file which more details regarding the simulation model for more reference.


I request you to guide me further regarding this.


Hope to hear from you at the earliest.