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Beta/Hairpin Matching for Circular Polarization Yagi

Question asked by JubinMenez on Dec 6, 2019

I'm designing a circularly polarized yagi made of tape measures for the 137MHz weather satellite band and I'm looking for good resources (thinking grad school text chapter level of detail) on actually doing the SHAREit  math Appvnbehind a beta match. Does anyone have a resource they recommend that goes over in detail how to design a yagi antenna to be matched this way? I'm aiming to do something akin to what yes KB9VBR did with his tape measure yagi for 146.5Mhz, but I don't know how to do the math to make this work at these frequencies. I have an HFSS model of the antenna that I can run parametrics on to tune it to get whatever input impedance will be necessary to achieve the required return loss value, but I need a better starting point than I have right now.UC Browser