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AgNA IVI-COM Drivier issue during open/close PXI instrument

Question asked by BGDN on Dec 5, 2019



we have setup a usb vector analyzer device ( P9372A) on a pc system with the following details.


- Windows 10 64bit operating system

-  Keysight IO Libraries version 18.1.24715.0   

-  IVI driver for Keysight Network Analyzers,, 32/64-bit, IVI-C/IVI-COM

-  IVI.NET Driver for KtPUsbChassis, 0.1.36, 32/64-bit, IVI.NET

 - IVI-C Driver for KtPUsbChassis,, 32/64-bit, IVI-C



We are using a C# application where we try to initialize the ivi driver and setup a connection with the instrument.


Bellow you can see how the instruments are detected in connection expert.





The code uses the following lines to initialize the driver instance.:


using Ivi.Driver.Interop;
using Agilent.AgNA.Interop;


Agilent.AgNA.Interop.AgNA driver = new Agilent.AgNA.Interop.AgNA();
IAgNASystemScpiPassThrough ptrScpi;


 driver.Initialize("PXI10::CHASSIS1::SLOT1::INDEX0::INSTR", true, true, "");






When i try to initialize the driver, i  get this error message :  


AgNA: Unknown resource.
Resource descriptor = PXI10::CHASSIS1::SLOT1::INDEX0::INSTR.


To solve this, i need to manually turn off/turn on back the instrument again.


Why is this?


If i establish a connection everything works, until i close the driver instance. 


If after some time i want to create a new instance of the driver, i get the error from above.


Is this a normal behaviour?  


Everytime i want to call the driver instance i need to do power cycle to the instrument? 


The same problem appears when i try to open the Soft Panel from connection expert.