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Slider in display

Question asked by inmyungsong on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by bafisher

While I am using ADS2019 channel analysis, I have a question to use “slider” feature to plot the eye diagram for each parameter.

It is not easy to know why the slider is not working.


Let me explain my job procedure for your better understanding.


I made the EQ values to the parameter name in “AMI” of Tx_AMI1 like below.

Pretap1, Posttap1, Total

I made the CSV_List like below to use “BATCH SIMUATION”









And I got the result well.

But when I try to plot the “Eye_Probe1.Density”, the all eye diagrams are merged together.

So I’ve tried to use “Insert” => “Slider” to plot for specific sweep combination.

In Slider Plot Trace & Attributes, I chose “BatchTable.batchNumber” as Trace and “Eye_Probe1.Density“ as Data to sweep with slider but now working well.


Is there any expert to help me about this?