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Accurately measuring loop execution time in BenchVue

Question asked by CDeKoter on Nov 25, 2019
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My name is Calvin, and I'm a student working on building a battery test and measurement fixture. 


I am trying to set up a BenchVue script that will discharge a battery at a constant current and measure the time that the battery discharges for. 


So far, I have a loop which measures the elapsed time from the last loop, sets the initial time, measures the current flow, measures the voltage of the cell, sums the calculated capacity, and then checks to make sure the cell is above its cutoff voltage. This is largely pulled from the battery discharge example in the Demo Mode applications folder. 


While connected to my supply/load bank (RP7952A regenerative supply/load) I find that BenchVue runs very slowly, such that commands may take a significant amount of time to execute. This means that the time between my elapsed time measurement and initial time set could be significant, which would add error to my capacity measurement. 


How can I make BenchVue run at a reasonable speed / and or accurately time this loop? I've tried connecting over both LAN and USB 3.0 (my laptop does not have a USB 2.0 port), but the program seems to run at 15 fps either way.