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Query regarding E4433B 10MHz Clock out

Question asked by Sagarmistry059 on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by Tardz

Dear Sir,


Please find below my Requirements:

  • We have a Signal hound SA44B Spectrum analyzer and i need to calibrate this SA with Keysight E4433B Signal generator using Ext 10MHz out clock signal.
  • The Frequency measurement accuracy of the SA44B spectrum is + 1PPM.
  • I need to improve the measurement accuracy of SA44B Spectrum Analyzer by providing External 10MHz Clock from the E4433B.
  • I need to perform the RF frequency measurement accuracy test on a 433MHz frequency band, So for that, I required to reduce the Frequency measurement resolution + 20Hz.
  • I have gone through the documents of SA44B and found the following specifications of the external 10MHz clock.




I have checked in the user guide of Agilent E4433B ESG-D series signal generator that it has external 10MHz Clock output.






  • Can we utilize this 10MHz out the clock for the signal hound SA44B time base reference clock to improve the measurement accuracy of my SA?
  • I am not an expert regarding this, but can anyone suggest to me the preferred GPS Disciplined Clock oscillator board if the above method does not work?

I request you to guide me regarding this further.


Thanks and regards,

Sagar Mistry