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Optimizing SOP while Sweeping Laser

Question asked by ashesh_30 on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by mkelly


I am aware of Keysight tool named PAS (Photonics Application Suite) which can be used to measure IL/PDL measurement. The problem i am currently facing while using this tool being sweeping Laser from 1510-1560 with a 30pm step size taking long time to perform the sweep and calculate IL/PDL. 


If i directly control the Laser to perform sweep and using PWM logging feature to make a measurement at each step, then it is much faster than using PAS (For reason i suspect that PAS is optimizing the SOP at each Step wavelength). Setting the SOP at one particular wavelength during the sweep process may not be the best possible solution.


Any suggestion how can i optimize the SOP when performing the Laser sweep over a particularly large wavelength and making PWM measurement without making use of PAS tool ? Or if someone is aware on if PAS is actually calculating the Muller matrix to set stokes parameter for each wavelength step ? Is this why the PAS takes longer to complete measurement ?


Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks