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E8363B LAN VISA usage.

Question asked by zubairrafiq on Oct 14, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by jvall
I am using E8363B PNA series with Firmware A.06.32. What exactly I need to use LAN communication with my previously written SCPI commands for GPIB interface. Some of the commands are not working in matlab while using tcp-ip communication.
I failed to open VISA(visa-tcpip) properly (probably best solution for me ). I don’t know exactly my mistake is ? Detailed are attached below please suggest me what I should do?

This visa address is provided by Agilent IO libraries V 15.5.
??? Error using ==>
Invalid RSRCNAME specified. Type 'instrhelp visa' for more information.

This works but cannot be opened.
>> Handle_pna =visa('agilent','TCPIP::')
>> fopen(Handle_pna)
??? Error using ==> icinterface.fopen
Could not open VISA object. Use INSTRHWINFO for a list of available configurations.

This works but I cannot send all commands properly while using matlab.

>>Handle_pna = tcpip('', 5025)
>> fopen(Handle_pna)