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Speed Differences When Using Multi-port Extension

Question asked by mhreider on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by mhreider
We have an assortment of different PNA's around here (a few N5230a's, n5230c's, and an n5245a) and found the trace load times/sweep times to be comparable among all three types.

However, we have an N5230c that's been deployed in a production environment with a U3042AE12 12-port extension attached. I'm seeing a massive time increase in this addition alone (~30-45 second increase in testing 8 parameters. So roughly a 3-4 second increase per sweep/setup).

Its worth noting that we're running a balanced setup and only sweeping across four ports at a time (1,2,3,4/5,6,7,8/etc.). The code that I've developed for both of these units is virtually identical save for the use of only 1 balanced setup versus 4.

Can I safely attribute the time increase to the extension?
If this isn't the case, is it possible we're seeing a huge time difference in the two n5230c units I have to test on?

Thanks in advance.