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real time data using getNAComplex

Question asked by myonezaki on Sep 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by Dr_joel
in a tuning process, the real time data is captured thru dcom/vb6 using getNAComplex, passed to matlab to perform additional processing, the processed data is displayed in a plot in the vb application, this process is repeated until the results are within spec.  if the process is repeated for verification or sanity check (ie removing power), it appears that the trace on the pna does not change.  it is interesting to note that using ~writes2pfilewithspecifiedports seems to be working and the data on the screen is being written to the file.  the s21 data uses a response thru cal, equation editor using data from a s2p file, wideband mode, r1 leveling, point averaging, source cal, receiver cals, external triggering
1. does getNAComplex hold the data on the screen and subsequent sweeps are not valid?
2. do i need to clear the buffer in the pna? if yes, how?