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Infiniium DSA-X 92004A Saving to disk

Question asked by rgahrens on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by pat_white

I have an Infiniium DSA-X 92004A with version 5.50 software and I am having a problem with sending a remote command to initiate a waveform save to disk in HDF5 format. The command I am issuing (via GPIB) is:


:disk:save:wav all,"C:\users\Infiniium\Documents\Waveforms\test",H5


The above command does not initiate a save to disk and the response from the unit is "undefined header". The path and folder C:\users\Infiniium\Documents\Waveforms\ exists on the hard-drive and I routinely save waveforms (manually) to this folder in HDF5 format. I have to need to automate my routine and the only command that I have come across that is not working in my code is the save to disk command.


Any help is appreciated.