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Question asked by SOLT_guy on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by bhokkan
Dear Sir:

      I own a HP 8753C network analyzer.

      There is a command which is being returned by the NA as containing a syntax error when the HP-IB DIAG is enabled and the reason for this error is not obvious.
      I cannot find any programming documentation with regard to this command which is listed in my manual or on the internet.

      The command is:

       CALFCALC [value];

       CALFCALC [value]; sets the current frequency power meter "calibration factor."

       The 8484A power sensor has a cal factor of  93.0 (percent) at 50 MHz.

        Can you please send me a code snippet in HP BASIC or HTBASIC that has worked for 8700 series HP/Agilent network anayzers?

        The programming from network analyzer models has not changed a great deal, if at all, with regard to backward and forward compatibilty (to my knowledge).

         The code snippet would be in this form:

         OUTPUT 716;"CALFCALC [value];"

          The command appears to be straightforward but I have tried to get numerous combinations-variations- to get this command to work but with no luck.

          Can you please send me a code snippet which is known to have worked in the past?