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Time out error when try to retrieve values using 34970A

Question asked by Jluisfer on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Jluisfer

Good morning. I'am using 34970A data aquisition with benchvue software using the RS232 interface. I'am using the test flow to ask the user how many measures he want to do and the interval between  measures.


First I ask user the number of times we want make the measures and I put his aswer in variable number

Then I ask the time between measures and I put the answer in variable time


Then I do the following sequence in test flow:


CONF:VOLT:DC (@110,111,112)

ROUT:SCAN (@110,111,112)



TRIG:COUN number



When I run the sequence the data aquisition change the number of scans and the time between them to the one I choose, but I have one timeout error in benchvue software in this line of code "value=READ?"


I try to replace the value=READ? with this:





But I have the same timeout error


What I'am doing wrong?


Thank you