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Python COM Automation ExportEx()

Question asked by asatar on Oct 22, 2019

I'm trying to specify exporting a .alb file without header information. The documentation for the ExportEx() method states to format the FileOptions as an XML string, but I haven't had any luck adding the FileOptions argument. 



The documentation references the VB syntax:


ExportEx Method


object.ExportEx ExportFileName SourceName [ExportRange=False] [StartRange] [EndRange] [FileType=""] [FileOptions=""]


<Options SeparationCharacters=',' WriteLineNumberColumn='T' LineNumberColumnName='Line Number' IncludeHeader='T' WriteFixedWidthColumns='F' />


LAInst.ExportEx("datax_" + str(i) + ".alb", SourceName="Listing-1", FileOptions=u"<Options IncludeHeader='F'/>")


I know that  it says if you're using .ALB format that the SourceName must be a logic analyzer or import module; If I do this, then every defined signal on the module is exported which I don't want. Defining the Source name as shown above works correctly as expected, but the FileOptions argument has no effect. 


Are all the arguments required? Has anyone had success with the FileOptions argument?