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Preserved the PAD when doing EM co-simulation

Question asked by diverger on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by bafisher

I'm using the ADS library provided by Murata, they provide the parts with land patterns. When doing EM co-simulation, affter removing the parts from my layout, the land patterns for these parts are removed too, only tracks left.


And in Murata's docs, they say:


In the S-parameter data, although the characteristics of the land pattern and measurement equipment are eliminated by calibration and electrical delay, the characteristics of the via holes and the land pattern are still included in the measurement. Therefore, the data of the capacitor itself is extracted by eliminating the characteristics of the via holes and the land pattern.


So, the models they provide not taking into the effect of the land pattern, right?  So, I think the final co-simulation results will not include the land pattern effect too, right? 


So, any methods to preserve the part pads?