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b receiver measurement

Question asked by htnicolas on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by htnicolas

I wish to display a B receiver trace.
When I do it manually, my only 2 options are B for Source Port 1 and B for Source Port 2.
However, the PNA help says I have to specify the test port number (format is bN)
I don't know what that is - I set it to 1.
I am sending:

scpi.Execute ("CALCulate:PARameter:DEFine:EXT 'Bmeas',b1, 1")
scpi.Execute ("DISPlay:WINDow2:TRACe3:FEED 'BMeas'")
scpi.Execute ("CALC:PAR:SEL 'Bmeas'")

and I am getting error 103, the measurement selection was set to none (when it is trying to save).

What's the proper way to make a B measurement on Source port 1?

Thank you in advance,