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Query regarding E3314A Programmable Function Generator

Question asked by Sagarmistry059 on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Sagarmistry059

Dear Sir,


We have an E3314A Programmable function generator of the Agilent and we need to execute the following test case using it.


Test case Details:

We need to generate a Trigger pulse with a time interval between two pulses is around 200ms and for 1000 times repetition only not continues using API or configuration settings.



  • Can we configure the settings of this function generator to generate the trigger pulse for fixed repetition?
  • Do we require to enable any options in this E3314A to generate the trigger pulse of 200ms time interval for 1000 times?
  • We need to perform the same thing in E3314A as the trigger unit as shown in the attached image1. 

Kindly guide me regarding this further.