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# Query for E4433B ESG-D Series signal generator regarding 2GFSK.OQPSK Signal generation

Question asked by Sagarmistry059 on Oct 8, 2019
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Dear Sir,


We need to generate 2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated signal with below configuration on the E4433B signal generator by applying external trigger signals from the trigger unit.


2GFSK Modulation:

  • BT=0.5 of the Gaussian filter (BT: Filter Co-efficient)
  • Frequency deviation of 35 kHz
  • Data rate up to 100kbits/s NRZ
  • Packet length:64byte

OQPSK Modulation:

  • Data rate:250Kbps
  • Packet length:20byte(7 bytes payload)

The external trigger in the clock for the synchronization purpose:

  • Time interval:2ms
  • Every rising edge of the clock the SG need to generate a require modulated signal

In our E4433B Signal generator, we have purchased the following options.

  • UN8
  • UND
  • UN9
  • UN7


Please find the below attachments for your easy reference.

  • Image 1: Measurement test setup diagram
  • Image 2: Enabled Option on my #E4433B signal generator

I have the following queries regarding above:

1. How to enable the external "Trigger In" option in E4433B for this test?

2. How can we configure the above Modulation settings in E4433B? Kindly provide me steps if possible.

3. Which options are needed to enable us to execute the above test for E4433B, if these options are not available?


I request you to guide me regarding this.


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