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PNA: SCPI source power cal: socket vs VXI-11 connection

Question asked by andyTPE on Sep 23, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by andyTPE
Hello PNA Users,

I have been running some code to perform a source power calibration for some time without any apparent problems.  I then moved to another PNA and ran the code, which then proceeded to error.  The only difference between the two, is the IO interface.  On the first analyzer I was using a socket: TCPIP0::pna1::5025::SOCKET  whilst on the second I was using TCPIP0::pna2::inst0.

Attached is some illustrative code as a Python snippet (note this is not language dependent, I see the same issues in VEE).  I get my PNA set up and then issue:

sour1:pow1:corr:coll:acq PMETER, "ASENSOR",ASYN;*opc

with the intention that the ASYN does not block subsequent SCPI commands.  The code can then check the error queue and then poll the esr bit.  Now, this all worked when I am running a socket communication, but not when I have a VISA TCPIP::<ipAddr>::inst0

Can someone explain why (I am guessing it is part of the difference between the IO implementations).  For now I can workaround the issue by resorting to SOCKET, but it would be good to know why - took me a couple of hours to narrow down the issue and I'd rather not get caught out again...

Attached is the sample snippet - just toggle the comment between the pna=instrument() lines (55/56)