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新入职工程师必看视频 - SystemVue Basic - Communication (YouTube)

Question asked by Jiarui Employee on Sep 30, 2019

“新入职工程师必看视频 - SystemVue Basic - Communication (YouTube)”,是由 Keysight EEsof EDA 部门所建立的 YouTube 频道,包含了所有基本的 SystemVue 在通信领域的基本操作,对于初步学习SystemVue 软件的算法、系统和射频工程师,可以透过以下教学视频,跟着视频的步骤实际操作,让您快速上手SystemVue:


1. SystemVue Overview

Keysight EEsof EDA Electronic System Level Design Flow With SystemVue


2. Getting Started with SystemVue

Getting Started - Discovering SystemVue


3. 基带与射频子系统跨域仿真

Bringing RF Effects into Baseband DSP Using SystemVue RFlink - Discovering SystemVue

Speeding up RF Modulated Carriers by 1000x Discovering SystemVue


4. 射频子系统设计及系统级指标验证

[Phased Array] How To Design Phased Array Systems

[X-Param] Using Analog/RF X-Parameter Models in System-Level Design

[RFIC] Fast Circuit Envelope Models for RFIC Verification

[Wi-Fi] 802.11ac System Design and Verification Using the W1917 SystemVue WLAN library


5. 基带算法开发

[C++] Introduction to C++ Code Generation from SystemVue Schematic

[C++] Easy DSP Algorithm Models in C++ - Discovering SystemVue - Part 1a

[C++] Easy DSP Algorithm Models in C++ - Discovering SystemVue - Part 1b

Introduction to Digital Filter Design

[Matlab] Discovering SystemVue - MATLAB Script Modeling

[FPGA] Introduction to Fixed-Point FIR Design

[FPGA] FPGA Design & Verification Using Keysight SystemVue and LTE Libraries

[FPGA] Discovering SystemVue for FPGA Realization of FIR Filters

6. 半实物仿真与应用案例

[DPD] Wideband DPD Using Keysight SystemVue and Keysight PXI Modular Hardware

[5G] How to Understand 5G: mmWave Beamforming

[5G] 是德科技5G毫米波相控阵原型演示系统 (5G mmWave Prototype Demo System)

[Wi-Fi] IEEE 802.11ax: Overcoming Design and Test Challenges with 89600 VSA Software


7. 雷达系统设计

Realistic Ultra Wideband Radar Signal Generation Using Keysight SystemVue

Creating Multi Emitter Scenarios With Off-The-Shelf Software and Instrumentation

Integrated Design-to-Test Flow for Complex Radar/EW Systems