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34461A C program dependencies

Question asked by ProsigDFB on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by TestCenterTech

We are moving from RS232 to USB using multimeter 34461A as the replacement.

I've installed the 'Keysight Instrument Control Bundle'. I can see the device connected
and working using a USB connection.


I have written c programs to read values back from the device successfully, all works. This
is using the USB connection.


I want to move these c written programs to a test PC that also has a 34461A connected to it using USB.


My question is:
What is the minimum I have to install to get my programs to work?
When I try to run them they fail. I've copied over what dependencies I can work out
it requires - visa32.dll, ktvisa32.dll, ioPersistedDataAccess.dll, traceFilter.dll and tinyxml2.dll.



- Does the PC have to have any other drivers installed?

- Is there a section that details what is required, a tutorials page for eg?

- What are the pre requisites for this?