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"Expected command header" error when using C#

Question asked by ScottyM on Sep 24, 2019


I'm new to the forums and to programming digital multimeters so please be patient.

I am trying to write C# code that will remotely interact with a 3458A DMM.  When I call the command: "ID?", I occasionally get back the following error:

SYNTAX -- *   Expected command header

This behavior is not consistent so I haven't found anything that seems to set it off.  If I try running again, it seems to work, but there's no guarantee it will keep running.

  • I have tried appending a CRLF to the command before I send it (so the command I send is literally:
  • I've tried appending a semi-colon to the command:
  • I tried sending the END command prior to calling ID:
  • When I enter the command into the VISA Interactive Control, I never get an error.
  • If I run the code, break right after the error, I can enter the ERRSTR? command into the VISA Interactive Control and also see the exception that way

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to send this command (and any other, but for now I just need to get this one working) using C# so that it doesn't throw that exception?


Thanks in advance,