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PNA SMC Power Level SCPI

Question asked by nbaliga on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by nbaliga

I am using an PNA-B with C firmware (9.33.07) and understand it is not supported, so any help you can provide is appreciated. This is only for development and we will be upgrading to a C soon for production.

Having said that, I am having the following problems with the SMC application.

1. From the PNA window, the Measure dialog for the source power cal does not show the power level entry text box. It is hidden to the right (and the dialog is not sizable), but I can focus it, and enter a value for the power level (even though I can't see what I typed). But it takes and works.

2. I do, however, need this to work from SCPI and no matter what API I try, the PNA seems to be fixed on 0dBm as the leveled power at the PM and I could not find any way to change it. Because I have about 10dB loss to the PM, the PNA goes unleveled and cannot complete the cal successfully.

I tried the following power commands at various places in the setup, flow, and in the steps loop etc. to no avail. When the power cal starts, it still tries to range to 0dBm and fails.

myPNA.RawWrite("SENS:MIX:INP:POW -15");
myPNA.RawWrite("SOUR:POW:LEV -15");
myPNA.RawWrite("SOUR:POW:CORR:LEV -15");

Any input is appreciated.