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Alternate way to know Calibration is Complete for PNA/VNA?

Question asked by BillEaton on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by BillEaton

I use a P9371, but I'm guessing behavior is similar across several platforms.


When I ask for the Calibration Wizard window to pop up with SCPI using


control immediately returns to my program. Put another way if I use this command


I get the +1 back right away. This is expected behavior. According to docs, this is to avoid timeouts because calibration can take a while. Here's a line straight from the docs:


Application programs should wait until the dialog is closed before resuming remote operations.

Great. How long should my application wait? Better yet, how do I know when to stop waiting? Is there some sort of alternative query or tricky command I could send to ask the VNA if it is calibrating or has some dialog windows open or something?