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Composite Video on an Oscilloscope

Question asked by aksarbhai on Sep 18, 2019

I've been trying to get a Composite Video Signal displayed on my Oscilloscope Emulator (don't wanna test this on a real one yet) for the past hour or so.

I got the Signal my (PAL) NES Spits at me on the left Channel and a 100Hz Saw Wave (for V-Sync) on my right one (this makes the Video appear sideways, but I can't switch the composite output channel for whatever reason).

I'm trying to do this all via my PC mostly to keep the cost of this for fun project at 0$ since I can't afford any components or equipment to assemble a device for this.


If anyone has any further questions, advice or even a program that does this out of the box, please tell me! Thanks in advance!