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Is the enhanced response cal the proper calibration method for my scenario, and if so, why are my SCPI commands giving me errors?

Question asked by Bryant on Sep 16, 2019
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I am using LabVIEW (2012) to automate some testing with a FieldFox N9916A.  My FieldFox does not have the full 2-port option; I have the ability to measure S11 and S21.  After reading through the programming manual several times, I am convinced that I need to be doing a forward 2-port enhanced response cal.  We have been doing this testing manually for a while and the steps we use to calibrate manually are the same as those in the enhanced response cal method.  Attached is a screenshot of the cal code I am using.  The code is being plugged line by line into a development panel my team has put together.  We are confident that the issue does not lie within the development coding.  Below are the errors/issues I am running into.


  • It seems to be doing everything relative to port 2, despite me not having that option AND despite me calling out the forward method with command "CORR:COLL:METH:ERES 1,2."  On each of my first three step prompts (open, short, load), it prompts me to connect these attachments to port 2.
    • If I reverse the genders of the connectors (make port 1 female and port 2 male), it prompts me to connect the attachments to the correct port, port 1, but then I get an error when I try to take the first measurement.  The error I get is "Error 219, an error has occurred during calibration; KeyNotFoundException."
  • When I run the "measure thru" command, I get an error.  The error I get is "Error 219, an error has occurred during calibration; KeyNotFoundException."
  • The commands that the FieldFox does accept, don't appear to be actually doing anything.  We have tried hooking the FieldFox up to a Spectrum Analyzer, and we don't see any activity during the calibration steps even when the FieldFox accepts commands.


Am I using the right calibration method or should I be using a different method?  If I am using the right method, what am I doing wrong?


Thank you.