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Problem trying to set the correct loss (0.93 Gohm/s) for an 85054B type-N calibration kit on an 8753ES

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Dr_joel

I'm trying to use an 85054B type-N calibration kit on a 3 GHz 8753ES with the latest (7.74) firmware. The 85054B is not in the 8753ES firmware - I'm guessing Agilent didn't think anyone would use such a very expensive 18 GHz calibration kit on an 8753. I therefore need to create a user defined calibratiion kit, which I thought would be easy, as I have done this many times in the past. However, it is driving me nuts trying to do this, for the following reason.


The Keysight website says the 85054B open standards have a loss of  0.93 Gohm/s. I'm trying to program 0.93 Gohm/s over GPIB with some Unix software I wrote. But the loss is always set to 0 Gohm/s. I can program 0.92 Gohm/s and 0.94 Gohm/s. but not 0.93 Gohm/s!  The nearest I can get is 0.922 Gohm/s, or I can program something just above 0.93 Gohm/sec. For some binking reason, I can't set the loss to 0.93 Gohm/s over GPIB, but I can do so from the front panel.


Although the 85054B calibration kit is in the firmware of my 8720D, I thought I'd try creating a user kit with a loss of 0.93 Gohm/s on the 8720D. I get exactly the same problem on the 8720D - it is impossib le to set a loss of 0.93 Gohm/s over GPIB.


I'm fairly certain that setting the loss as 0.922 Gohm/s, rather than 0.93 Gohm/s is going to make no practical difference on a 3 GHz 8753ES. However, it is puzzling me why I can't set the loss to 0.93 Gohm/s. .


Any ideas?