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34972A with 34901A Separate Bank Measurements

Question asked by badgerpaintball on Sep 12, 2019
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34901A Diagram

I am using the 34972A with 34901A and I want to use the Bank 1 as a multiplexer for my power supply (opening and closing relays to connect to different points), and then Bank 2 for measuring Voltage across various parts of my UUT.


The issue I am having is that the bank switch is closing and my bank 2 measurements are off due to the bank switch being closed or I get an error 301: "The channel is part of a scan".


I am aware that in the manual it says "If any channels are configured to be part of the scan list, you cannot close multiple channels; closing one channel will open the previously closed channel. " but i didnt think I had anything configured as part of a scan list.



;Open bank switch (also tried close, with the same results)


;connect to PSU1


;close relays to connect to another device, using module in slot 2



;measure voltage across channel 113

MEAS:VOLT:DC? 1, DEF, (@113)


Power Supply Circuit

Measurement Circuit