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Can one convert a standard 8753D or later to option 014?

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by dhamilton

The standard 8753D/E/ES have the built in test set. Option 011 removed the test set, which is less convenient, but more flexible.


I can’t quite recall what the very rare option 014 gives one, but it is at least some access to the internal test set. I suspect it gives direct access to the receivers. That seems the ideal 8753 to me, but they are incredibly rare. I am surprised that more people didn’t choose that option. 


I am just wondering if adding option 014 to a standard 8753D/E/ES required any more than


* adding a few female SMA connectors, which the case is possibly (probably) already designed to take

* re-routing a few internal cables to go vis the front panel 

* adding a few SMA->SMA links on the front panel 

* adding a new self adhesive front panel overlay to indicate what the links mean. That might still be available from Keysight, but if not it would not be rocket science to make one. 

* update the EEPROM to tell the instrument has option 014 if the information is in the service manual, if not pester Joel or just ignore it. 


Obviously such hacking around would be unsupported, but given that the instrument is unsupported, that is irrelevant. 


I doubt even recalibration would be necessary,  unless one was concerned about the small changes in output power levels, but maybe it would be for other reasons I can’t imagine. 


Or am I being a total idiot, and such changes would be next to impossible?


My &753ES is option 011, so since there is no built in test set, it’s impossible, but on a standard unit, I would have thought it doable with a bit of common sense. 


Any idea Joel why option 014 is so rare? Is it a pretty useless option, ir is it, as I suspect, a nice option?