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8753E integrated vs. external test set

Question asked by JohnAckermann on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by Dr_joel

I am working on a deal to upgrade my 8753C with 84074A 6 GHz test set to an 8753E.  I need to decide whether to keep the existing test set and get an option 011 analyzer, or get a unit with the integrated test set.


From looking at a comparison table I found, it appears that the integrated test set offers 10 dB greater dynamic range below 3 GHz (110 vs 100) but 10 dB worse above 3 GHz (100 vs 110).  I'm curious why that would be and whether it's a real difference difference vs. conservative specs.


Another factor is that the E goes down to 30 kHz, which would sometimes be useful for me.  The 84074A test set is only rated to 300 kHz, but I don't know if that's because at the time it was made the analyzer didn't go lower.  Would the test set work down to 30 kHz with the E analyzer?


The deal I'm working on makes it cheaper for me to get the option 011 unit and keep my test set, but I want to know if I'm really giving up anything by doing so.