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I'm convinced that our E5071C is defective Port 2

Question asked by magnetchief on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by dhamilton


We use a 4 port E5071C for basic matching and tuning of our various NMR probes here at our lab.

About 12 months back Keysight repaired our instrument, one of the channels was bad.


Here we are again and we are seeing another fault, this time on Port #2.


We normally use only sweep between 65 MHz and 1.2 Ghz but attached is a screen shot of the whole spectrum.


Port 2 has a sinusoidal waveform across its range.


Our users typically use the instrument with the correction turned off, with it on the error disappears.

But they insist that they use it with Correction off.


Last time we repaired this with Keysight it was close to $6000 with shipping, 

It's getting to where we are considering scrapping the instrument and moving to a Copper Mountain device.


I suppose i'm asking is there away to repair this, and is it going to cost yet another $6000?


Many thanks