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Is it impossible use SCPI to catch the amplitude for Delta Pair mode Markers? (E4440 Spectrum Analyser)

Question asked by joesef on Sep 4, 2019

Hi all,


How do you catch the actual amplitude of either Delta pair markers, and not just the amplitude difference between Delta or Reference marker?


For instance, following page 154 and  157 of the "User's and Programmer's Reference Volume 1 Core Spectrum Analyzer Functions",

  1. Using SCPI to make Delta pair markers :
  2. Then Setting the Delta Marker :
    :CALCulate:MARKer1:X:STARt 100 MHz
  3. Then Setting the Reference Marker :
    :CALCulate:MARKer1:X:STARt 300 MHz
  4. The below instruction gives the amplitude difference between Delta and Reference markers :


The amplitude difference is round 0 dBm.

But I would like to know the actual amplitude of either the Delta or Reference markers which might be around -30 dBm. This amplitude clearly shows on the amplitude table using the SCPI instruction :



But I could not find such a SCPI command. The command :



Gives the right frequency for the delta marker at 100 MHz, so why doesn't




give the right amplitude? Is there a command like this?