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VBA 7.1 and VISA-COM dosen't work

Question asked by Walera on Aug 28, 2019

I'm using HP 34401A bench multimeter and trying to remote control it from Excel 365. 
VBA vercion - 7.1 
VISA-COM - 5.11

These are references for VBA projekt


My simple code: (also excel file attached)

Sub Button1_Click()
   Dim rm As VisaComLib.ResourceManager
   Set rm = New VisaComLib.ResourceManager
   Dim idn As String
   Dim formattedIO As New FormattedIO488
   Dim address As String

   address = "34401A"
   Set formattedIO.IO = rm.Open(address)

   formattedIO.WriteString "*IDN?", True
   idn = formattedIO.ReadString
   Sheet1.Cells(1, 1) = idn
End Sub

This is instrument address calling "34401A" becose i allready added aliase for that instrument in Keysight connection expert:

I was also tryed to connect directly to VISA address whith is GPIB2::2::INSTR. 


So, if i exicute this code i have got an error:

I also check it in Keysight IO monitor an that is diferent error:


In reality my connection fully working, i was checked it in to Keysight interactive IO:


It  is working fine, but in excel it is fully unworking. That error happening exactly in that string:

Set formattedIO.IO = rm.Open(address)

Please helpp me with that. I haven't any idia what to do next. 
In my oppinion problrm may be in wrong link. If you look cearfuly to exicuted string and error, you could see some differences. I was called Open procedure, but in error i had got ParseRsrc procedure. 

Thanks for attention!