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ERROR ADE-3036 in Momentum Simulation

Question asked by khubaib on Aug 23, 2019

I am trying to simulate inductance of a wire through Cadence layout editor and Momentum.
After setting up momentum-virtuoso, I tried to run a momentum simulation. I get Error(ADE-3036) which, as I understand, is related to running cadence in 64-bit mode. Normally, It can be fixed  from the ADE L window by going to setup-enviroment-run with 64 bit binary. But, in the case of running a simulation from the momSim instead of ADE L, we do not have that option. So, the question is, if it is possible to enforce run with 64 bit binary in momSim as well. Also, if this error (ADE-3036) can be related to something different in the case of momSim. And if so, how to fix it?


My Cadence version is 6.1.7-64b and Momentum version is 13.00. 

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