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Invalid power level in pulse profile

Question asked by stefek on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by Dr_joel


I use N5242A PNA-X with FW 9.90.21. I am trying to perform pulse profile measurements according to the appnote "Active-Device Characterization in Pulsed Operation Using the PNA-X". I perform a frequency sweep at desired power level, then I turn on "Update source power calibration with leveling data" and change leveling to open loop. Next, I change the pulse sweep to pulse profile. In order to get highest time resolution I would like to perform measurements using 15 MHz IFBW. However, the displayed power level measured by the PNA-X is different for different IFBW. The generated power is correct, since the power measured by the external power meter is correct. How to measure b/r waves in pulse profile mode?

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