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changing channels for P93XX VNA with SCPI

Question asked by BillEaton on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by daras

I'm making my own pyvisa driver for some P9371A VNAs we recently purchased.


The help file indicates in at least one place that there is no good way to turn channels on and off  with SCPI commands(note None in table below copied from help file):


CF_Channel Commands

Channel 1 - 8 Tab Commands
Channel 1On/OffNone
Channel 2On/OffNone
Channel 3On/OffNone
Channel 4On/OffNone
Channel 5On/OffNone
Channel 6On/OffNone
Channel 7On/OffNone
Channel 8On/OffNone


Are there any plans to update this SCPI functionality? It seems like channels are close to unusable with SCPI. But yet, quite a few commands take cnum (channel number) as a parameter.


As a work-around, it looks like I could abandon channels altogether and instead manipulate traces and windows. But even that does not seem to be as straightforward as one might hope...