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N9010A, RECOVERY FILE and application license

Question asked by Tardz on Aug 7, 2019


   my Signal Analyzer N9010A has a small problem (windows 7), and I would like to use the RECOVERY FILE to return all to the original state. I bought 2 licenses after the original purchase, and I have the files concerning these licenses (N9063A-2FP, as well as N9060A-2FP, 3FP and 4FP). But during the original purchase, I included an application Analog demod N9063A-2FP, however I do not have a license number for re-installation unlike the others.


The question: if I use the RECOVERY FILE function at boot time, will I find my Analog Demod N9063A-2FP application installed like when I bought my N9010A? Otherwise what would be the procedure to follow?