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835x VNA SFP Automation Server

Question asked by BillEaton on Aug 7, 2019
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I was playing with the soft front panel (SFP) program for my VNA, 835x.EXE. If you run it from the command line with /? switch

835x.EXE /?

You get

Keysight Network Analyzer software, Copyright (c) Keysight Technologies



835x [/?] [/RegServer | /UnregServer]


  ?                     - Print this help message

  RegServer      - Register 835x Automation server.

  UnregServer   - Unregister 835x Automation server.

It's worth noting that this usage documentation does not include the fact that you can/should pass it an argument for the port you want to connect to, e.g.


But back to the question at hand. What is the Automation Server? How and when would I use it? I'm guessing that maybe what this does is create a Windows Service for my VNA that I could start and stop and configure to automatically start at boot or log in? Is there a way to pass the port to the server?