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Run Soft Front Panel hidden?

Question asked by BillEaton on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by johanericsson

We purchased Qty 3 P93XX network analyzers and they arrived yesterday. Now we have to write drivers for them. Most of the time, we anticipate that we will be using custom test software to communicate with the instrument and get data. However, it is impossible to communicate with these instruments without enabling the HiSLIP  protocol AND running the soft front panel (SFP). In many cases, we don't want the SFP to be visible.


I've tried to run the front panel software hidden or minimized, but it always wants display a startup window where the user must select the port to communicate with (e.g. PXI10::CHASSIS1::SLOT1::FUNC0::INSTR). I cannot figure out how to pass the port to the executable at launch time as a command line argument and avoid the startup window. Even if I figure that out, I'm still fearful that the actual SFP will run unminimized.